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Welcome to the WomenX Impact Community, where potential meets opportunity. You’ll find yourself within a true ecosystem aimed at closing the gender gap and supporting the professional and personal growth of individuals by promoting leadership and female empowerment.

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Connect with extraordinary people worldwide. Our global network opens doors to networking opportunities that will change your future.

Personal Growth

Start your personal growth journey. Be inspired by Community stories, embrace your authenticity, challenge yourself, push limits, and become the best version of yourself.

Training & Career

Invest in your training and career with our exclusive resources. A dedicated Academy, high-level workshops, mentoring, and job opportunities will guide you towards professional success.

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I feel like something is missing in my life. I don't feel fulfilled and I want real support to improve. I want to change but I don't know where to start.

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After purchasing the WXI Membership

I've found my place in the world. I'm surrounded by incredible women, I've found new opportunities, create deep connections, and I see true improvements in my life.

Personal growth is the key to living an extraordinary life. Never stop learning, evolving, and inspiring.

- Oprah Winfrey

Your success depends not only on what you know, but also on the connections you have.

Connect with women and men from around the world, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and C-level professionals from various companies and organizations, from large multinational corporations to successful startups.

Choose to shine

At WomenX Impact, we believe that change is the spark you need to begin the journey towards your goals. Our annual membership offers you access to the resources and connections necessary to reach the peak.
If you’re ready to make a breakthrough in your life, WomenX Impact is your destination.
  • Networking

International Meetups

Scroll through the calendar of physical events we periodically organize in Italy and abroad and add your favorites to your agenda. It's the perfect opportunity to meet members of the Community in person, but not only that: participate in many special networking opportunities by visiting an exhibition, engaging in sports activities, or tasting local specialties.

Exclusive Platform

Meet hundreds of women and men from around the world, from different business fields and with different backgrounds. Engage in a reliable and functional space like our exclusive platform. Use the chat to meet new people and expand your network.

Thematic Working Groups

Strengthen bonds with members of your internal work team within the Community. Choose the area that interests you most (blog, podcast, editorial plan, mentoring...) and put yourself to the test! You'll get to know new members with similar or complementary skills to yours.

WomenX Impact Summit

Attend the exclusive annual WomenX Impact Summit. Let yourself be inspired by keynotes, panels, and workshops led by top leaders and expert speakers in the field and take advantage of the opportunity to speak with them personally once they step off the stage.

Learning Booster

Accelerate your growth with the advanced course program within the platform. Over 30 hours of training, led by top industry professionals, and new lessons released every month

Summit Rewind

From stories of success and failure, practical workshops, and roundtable discussions, to experiences of leaders from around the world, our Summit Interventions will inspire your desire for change.

Job Opportunities

Discover the numerous job opportunities posted within the platform and propose yourself for new professional chances. Give your career a boost!

Workshop & Webinar

Participate in exclusive workshops and webinars dedicated to Community members. Real opportunities where training moves from theory to practice, with you at the center of it all.

Mentoring Program

Choose the mentoring program that suits your needs. You will be matched with a mentor based on your goals; they will be your reference point to face a specific challenge and your guide to success, step by step.


Participate in our monthly calls and WXI Hubs. Digital meetings where you'll have the opportunity to share thoughts, experiences, and solutions on the trending topics of the moment and focus on new growth perspectives.

Thematic Working Groups

Test yourself and obtain new skills by participating in working groups. Choose the path you like best (blog, podcast, editorial plan, mentoring...) to address new challenges and contribute to your team's goals!

Personalized Feed

Explore and be inspired by the content shared daily within our exclusive platform. Share, comment, and explore important themes and trends in different sectors within their dedicated discussion areas.

Take the first step, you are the most IMPORTANT person to yourself.


Discover the key to unlocking the potential of your connections.

Take advantage of exclusive gatherings where the Community has the opportunity to build new meaningful relationships. Each WXI Meetup is a unique occasion to expand your professional network, meet potential partners, clients, and take your career to the next level.


Choose the Membership designed for future leaders.

All our services are tailored to connect you with the right people and create a powerful network to maximize the impact on your life, your career, and the world around you. Leadership, empowerment, diversity and inclusion, future of work, and technology are at the heart of our mission, and we want to explore them together with you.

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"In the community, I met people like me who wanted to change and grow. I learned new things and enhanced my knowledge of gender equality and sustainability through clear masterclass explanations and practical topics."

"I found a supportive network where I could compare, learn, and grow. I hope I have given my contribution and helped those who, like me, were in a phase of change and transformation!"

"It was an amazing journey, at a moment in my professional life when I really needed to confront myself with an external person, namely my mentor. In the community, I found the right tools and regained confidence in myself."

"In the community, I managed to dedicate myself to my training, thanks also to the Masterclasses and roundtables which were fundamental for comparison and growth."

"The community helped me to face some personal and professional challenges about my return from maternity leave. It gave me the tools to manage these new situations with more calm and awareness, especially thanks to the mentoring path."

"The WXI community generates happiness and drives improvement. Only positive values. It helps to set aside all the 'ifs', all the 'buts'. It raises self-esteem and generates opportunities. It stimulates new experiences and gives courage to face new challenges."

"It is an important opportunity for sharing experiences, in my opinion, an important support for those like me who want to continue in the direction of professional and personal growth. In particular, the mentoring program gave me the opportunity to compare different paths and derive mutual reflection points. It can allow greater clarity of one's objectives and strategies to be identified, making one's evolution project more concrete and real."

"The community helped me to get out of a period of stagnation, I met new people who had my same experiences and encouraged me to face my fears and blocks."

"WXI allowed me to open my mind and grow both personally and professionally, thanks to the support of professional mentors, very prepared, and to the constant training present in the community."

"It was a growth opportunity, in which I met new people, I experimented, I changed my career path, and I managed to get out of my comfort zone. The mentoring program managed to give me a push, to see my professional path in a different way, not to be afraid to ask or to feel inadequate."


Let our top mentors and teachers lead you to success.

Remarkable individuals who’ve achieved significant milestones in their careers are ready to share their wisdom and experiences with you. They bring a wealth of successes and stories to inspire and guide you on your path of growth and learning.


We create the perfect match for a tailor-made journey.

The mentoring program at WomenX Impact is the missing piece to give right tools to revolutionise your personal and professional growth journey. Whether you’re aiming to change your career, launch your own business, or acquire new skills, we’ll pair you with the ideal mentor to dynamically and engagingly guide you along the path to success.
Through tailored advice, sharing experiences, and practical support, we’ll help you overcome challenges and achieve your ambitious goals.


Rivoluziona la tua carriera imparando dai migliori

Investi in te stess* attraverso l’apprendimento di nuove skills e competenze. Attraverso le lezioni e i corsi tenuti dai migliori professionisti del settore, ti guideremo nella tua crescita, con oltre 70 ore di formazione e un nuovo corso rilasciato ogni settimana. Grazie a un approccio di insegnamento pratico, concreto e di alta qualità, ogni lezione ti lascerà takeaways utili e tangibili da poter implementare immediatamente nelle tua vita.

Comunicazione e marketing

Leadership, Soft Skill & D&I g

Carriera, Imprenditoria e startup

Educazione Finanziariag

Legal, AI & Tech



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WomenX Membership

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Access to the exclusive Community platform
Monthly newsletters, educational content, and updates
+190 hours of training through recordings of WomenX Impact Summits 2021, 2022, and 2023
+30 hours of Masterclasses with industry experts
Exclusive invitations to meet-ups and special events
Participation in working groups and practical workshops
Dedicated discounts for the WomenX Impact Summit 2024
Networking and opportunities to connect with high-level leaders and speakers
Customized mentoring paths of 6/9/12 months with qualified mentors

WomenX Membership

Annual Renewal Subscription

validity 1 year

Access to the exclusive Community platform
Monthly newsletters, educational content, and updates
+190 hours of training through recordings of WomenX Impact Summits 2021, 2022, and 2023
+30 hours of Masterclasses with industry experts
Exclusive invitations to meet-ups and special events
Participation in working groups and practical workshops
Dedicated discounts for the WomenX Impact Summit 2024
Networking and opportunities to connect with high-level leaders and speakers
Customized mentoring paths of 6/9/12 months with qualified mentors


We have no secrets from you, everything you need to know from is all here

Growing doesn't just mean reaching new heights, but also delving deep, exploring one's potential, and breaking through personal limits.

- Serena Williams

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