MembershipX Impact

The Membership of WomenX Impact allows you to access a space, both physical and digital, created to connect women with similar interests and ambitions to guide them on a path of personal and professional growth.

A female ecosystem of great value, that includes various initiatives: events, webinars, workshops, podcasts, masterclasses, mentoring, job placement, training opportunities and much more!

Who is it for?

WomenX Impact is an inclusive community where there are no age, gender, religion or nationality limits.

It is definitely the right opportunity for you that:

  • you are curious and have an open mind to new things
  • you know how to look beyond borders and want to compare yourself with people and projects that can make you grow both on a personal and personal level
  • you are ambitious and would like to take the opportunity to leave your comfort zone to explore new opportunities

Why become a Member of WomenX Impact?

This membership allow you to:

  • Become part of an exclusive community
  • Share your history and professional experiences, enriching your path and… Why not? Find the job turnaround you are looking for!
  • Access numerous services to improve your professional training
  • Always stay up to date on new business scenarios and their evolution
  • Get to know a network of professionals from various countries and sectors to increase your contacts and collaborations
  • Participate in physical and digital events, including international ones, in order to stay updated on all the trends of the future

The Membership contains:

€69 / yearly

  • Access to an international and selected network of professionals
  • Access to the Mentoring and Career Coaching Program
  • Masterclass on latest generation topics such as Digital Marketing, Social Media, Leadership, New Technologies, Sustainability, Financial Education, Personal Branding
  • Local Meetups in Italy and abroad
  • Private discussion groups on a dedicated platform
  • 15 hours of live Q&A with qualified Consultants and Coaches
  • 2 newsletters per month with exclusive content dedicated to leadership and career development topics
  • Webinars, workshops, podcasts and training opportunities both online and offline organised regularly throughout the year
  • Access to the Job placement service
  • A free pass to participate in the November WXI Summit ONLINE
  • The opportunity to participate in the November WXI Summit at a special price

Let's create a valuable impact, together.