MentoringX Impact

Invest in your personal growth with MentoringXImpact. A unique, holistic path of personal development taking your personal aspirations, experiences and professional career into account. 

Mentoring is not to be confused flattering. Mentoring is a resource for people who seek out the challenge to grow, broaden their views and open their minds

The Mentoring track is for you if:

  • You are approving or undergoing a work-related transition e.g. promotion, changing job / sector/ city
  • You are feeling stuck and look for support so that you yourself can give your career the right boost
  • You are thinking of moving abroad to increase your career opportunities
  • You have just received a promotion and need to grow into the new role. Switching gears from colleague to manager
  • You are contemplating to launch your own venture and need to create a supporting environment to give you a headstart

Who are Mentors and Mentees?

Mentors role is to accompany the Mentees throughout the duration of the program.

The Mentor will draw from their vast experience, critical thinking and empathy to best support in her professional growth endeavor.

The Mentee is guided and advised by the Mentor. The Mentee is commited to put into practice the advice, both in hard and soft skills.

Our mentors have been chosen from among the best professionals in their fields of reference focusing on the above mentioned periods of transition. 


The MentoringXImpact program lasts from 6 to 9 months and the journey will end with the physical meeting between Mentor and Mentee at the WomenX Impact event. unique opportunity to tell your experience directly on stage (and also with networking opportunities off stage), sharing the value of the journey that will be a source of inspiration for other women, in order to build together a new model of leadership. 


The mentor-mentee pairs who will complete the path will have a space dedicated to their learning journey and networking within the WomenX Impact event in November. That will give your personal growth further exposure to the vast WomenX Impact network.  

Are you ready to be part of a unique experience?

Apply now as Mentor or Mentee at the following links

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