Our story, our vision

Eleonora Rocca’s vision for WomenX Impact is to give voice to women, who have distinguished themselves in their professional development, and to companies, who have committed themselves to Diversity & Inclusion.

WomenX Impact aims to contribute to having more and more women in leadership positions. In addition to this, it wants above all to be a reference point in the world of women empowerment, an example of an alliance between women and a meeting point that also includes men.

Today, WomenX Impact is a community of more than 10,000 women that is actively engaged through with curated events and networking opportunities both physical and digital, including local meetups, educational talks and masterclassed, mentoring, job placement, career coaching , an annual membership and much more.

In this way, today, our international community helps create opportunities throughout the year among women leaders, implementing entrepreneurial projects, developing ideas and finding partnerships.

How everything started

WomenX Impact started out as a summit.

WomenX Impact summit is the most anticipated international event of the year dedicated to women’s leadership!

A unique journey into the worlds of entrepreneurship, leadership, careers, sustainable innovation, and more, all from a female perspective. 

A great opportunity to listen to great minds and share innovative ideas, a meeting to be able to broaden knowledge and support professional growth. The first step on the path to building new leadership.

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WomenX Impact Today

Today, WomenX Impact is a true ecosystem, consisting of a community of more than 10,000 people, whose goal is to provide innovative tools aimed at reducing all obstacles to gender equality, in business and more generally in society. The path of professional and personal growth of those who are part of our community is close to our hearts, and that is why we have created new projects and opportunities to enable more and more women to hold leadership positions but, above all, to feel satisfied and happy with their lives as managers, mothers, wives, partners, entrepreneurs or whatever else they wish to be or become.

Our Impact in numbers

During the first edition of WomenX Impact Summit 2021, we managed to achieve wonderful results.  

More than 1,600 participants attended our speeches from all over the world, panels and workshops given by more than 160 national and international speakers. 

All this, thanks to the work and support of many globally renowned sponsors, including Unicredit, Barilla, Kraft and Ebay

Since the launch, our community has grown exponentially and now has more than 10 thousand members and subscribers, and over 13 thousand followers on major social media.

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