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WomenX Talks are our monthly 100% digital events, where we invite renowned guests to discuss, inspire and engage with our community on cutting-edge topics. Topics discussed are digital transformation, exponential technologies, sustainability, HR & career, individual development, and much more that we will unveil in the coming months.

June 07, 2022
Perché è importante per l'azienda raggiungere l'uguaglianza di genere?
June 08, 2022
Women in STEM nella Digital Economy - Prospettive e riflessioni per la costruzione di un futuro Equal
June 27, 2022
Donne e Finanza: entrare in un mondo di sfide e opportunità
September 12, 2022
Financial products for dummies: how to survive the world of asset classes!
September 19, 2022
Future fit skills e sostenibilità: le premesse per innovare il business del consumer goods
September 26, 2022
Reimagining the future of work: Reskilling, upskilling and mentoring
October 10, 2022
Enhancing Gender Equality - Step by step in the right direction
October 17, 2022
Creating Business value through Agile approach: the case of Unilever Ice Cream Italy
October 20, 2022
Children & Career: how companies can help and can help themselves to structure a successful welfare strategy for parents... at 360°
October 24, 2022
Data and Statistics: how to choose them to best invest?
November 3, 2022
Become a Powerful Leader
November 10, 2022
The power of the Intergenerational comparison
November 24, 2022
Personal Branding in business: steps & tips for developing a Successful Strategy
November 28, 2022
Taxes and Investments: everything you need to know to better manage your finances
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Here are the guests we are expecting on November 28, 2022

Emanuela Manor

Regional Manager - Italy @ eToro

Gabriele Del Mese

Founder @ Moneyviz

Carlo Alberto Michieli

Avvocato Fiscalista e Dottore Commercialista

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Get to know the speakers and guest of the past WomenX Talks

Paolo Grossi

AD @ Eni Rewind

Raffaella Salamone

Manager International Initiatives @ Eni Rewind

Guido Bonfedi

Responsabile Innovazione tecnologica, Coordinamento Tecnico e Servizi di Laboratorio presso @ Eni Rewind

Alice Farella Monti

Communication, PR & Event Manager @ Wella Company

Valentina Pasotti

Marketing & Digital Manager @ Benefit Cosmetics

Chiara Moraschi

Chapter Process Optimization @ Plenitude

Alicja Gackowska

Senior Service Designer @ Plenitude

Sabrina Colantoni

Group Brand Director @ Rehau

Carlotta Zorzi

Senior Partnerships Manager @ Shopify

Francesco Azzena

Finance & Operations Executive @ Olympus

Marianna Ghirlanda


Sabrina Colantoni

Group Brand Director @ Rehau

Marta Nappo

Asia Marketing & Communication Director @ Iveco

Valentina Pasotti

Marketing & Digital Manager @ Benefit Cosmetics

Alice Farella Monti

Communication, PR & Event Manager @ Wella Company

Carlo Alberto Michieli

Avvocato Fiscalista e Dottore Commercialista

Gabriele Del Mese

Founder @ Moneyviz

Monica Dorna

Responsabile Welfare & People Services @ Eniservizi

Stefania Raviele

Employment and Labor Lawyer - Salary Partner @ De Luca & Partners

Luciana De Laurentiis

Head of Corporate Culture & Inclusion @ Fastweb

Karen Quezada

HRBP Nutrition Southern Europe @ Unilever

Quirino Cipollone

Vice President & General Manager South Europe @ Unilever

Nicoletta Iacobacci

PhD, Expert, Research Ethics & Integrity Team, European Commission

Elvina Finzi

Senior Director @ EssilorLuxottica | Consigliere @ Cerved

Donatella Cungi

Avvocata, Partner @ Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo

Serena Pasquetto

Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs @ AB InBev

Valentina Proietti Muzi

Private Banker @ Fideuram

Roberta Gilardi

CEO @ G-Gravity & G2 Startups

Marianna Poletti

Founder e CEO @ Just Knock

Francesca Del Moretto

HR Director @ Olympus Italy

Giulia Marzetti

European Commission | EE 30Under 30 | Board Member | Goalkeeper'19 | McKinsey Next Generation Leader'21 | Former Researcher at Grameen Bank

Roberta Urgeghe

Digital Leader @ Michelin Italia


Anna Maria Scirè

Head of Human Resources @ Moviri

Barbara Kuka

Rome Sales Team Leader @ EF

Tiziana Barone

Founder @ Felicilàb | Analista semiotica

Serena Pezzia

R&D Europe Cluster Manager & Site Operation Leader @ Unilever

Chiara Caligara

Founder & Managing Director @ Britetrend

Vanessa Cento

Coordinatrice Comunicazione Istituzionale @ Quid

Emanuela Manor

Regional Manager - Italy @ eToro

Gabriel Debach

Market Analyst @ eToro

Alberto Poli

Buyer, Figli di Pietro Rodeschini SpA – Popular Investor @ eToro

Giulia Moncada

Popular Investor | Customer Care Specialist @ FatturaElettronica APP

Leandra Magri Daruge

Popular Investor | Architect and Urban Planner | Interiors and Space Optimization | PG in Rehabilitation - Buildings and Urban Areas

Emanuela Musci

Consulente Finanziario Autonomo

Mauro Caimi

Financial Quantitative Trader

Fabiana Andreani

Career Mentor & Senior Training Manager

Valeria Mennella

Chief Marketing Officer @ MBE WORLDWIDE

Vittorio Martinelli

Managing Director & MSD Division Manager @ Olympus

Ludovica Gobbi

Head of economic and financial markets research @ Banca Mediolanum

Elena Sensi

CMO @ Gi Group Holding Italy

Chiara Torino

Avvocato - Partner @ Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo

Francesca Del Moretto

HR Director @ Olympus Italy


Anna Maria Scirè

Head of Human Resources @ Moviri

Roberta Zantedeschi

HR Business Writer, Formatrice e Business Coach

Donata Columbro

Responsabile Dataninja School

Paola Chiara Masuzzo

Data Scientist, TP Vision

Eliana Mantrisi

HR Manager, The British Centre Group

Alessandro Rimassa

Co-Founder Talent Garden Innovation School

Gioia e Guenda Novena

Founders di Nextopp

Susanna Finardi

Partner & Head of Corporate Sales, Treedom

Elena Prestigiovanni

Founder & CEO, Good Sustainable Mood

Alessia di Iacovo

Global Leadership & Learning Manager, Too Good to Go

Silvia Arcieri

Sustainable Product Development Specialist, Enel X

Silvia Ruta

Responsabile del Sustainable Boosting Program di Enel X

Giulia Detomati

CEO, InVento Innovation Lab impresa sociale s.r.l

Alice Veglio

Founder @ Bright & Fit

Federica Pecis

Co Founder & Business Director @We are Female Athletes

Giovanni Bergamaschi

Head of Fitbit Southern Europe @ Google

Antonio Marrari

Head of Marketing @ AW LAB

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